L1: Part 1

Part 1: Questions

1. The man _______.

  1. didn’t remember their anniversary
  2. didn’t take his wife out last week
  3. forgot to buy his wife’s favorite flowers

2. The woman’s ideal vacation is ______.

  1. a dream vacation to Chicago
  2. a week alone at Europe
  3. a comfortable trip at luxury hotels

3. The woman wants a new kitchen stove because _____.

  1. the current stove isn’t working properly
  2. the current stove is too old
  3. her stove is too small for the family

4. The woman wants more clothing because _____.

  1. she needs smaller sizes
  2. she doesn’t want to wear old clothing
  3. she needs more comfortable clothing

5. The woman suggests _____ before they plan their trip.

  1. buying some travel books
  2. having a light lunch
  3. a short trip to the hill
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